24 Hours Only

  • Depression is a very sensitive topic. So many reasons why people get depressed. There are financial reasons, personal relationships, environmental factors, health conditions, family issues, work disappointments and many failures and so on and so forth. But I can only speak for myself how I am battling with my depression right now and hoping I can inspire someone.

Having faith in God was my greatest source of strength. Believing that He made me with a purpose on a certain time only was my wake up call. Just looking at myself from head to toe I should feel blessed already because every part of my body are still functioning well. So, I stopped overthinking. I took a deep breath and asked myself what part of this body is most beneficial for me to fulfill my duties as a human being if I have given only 24 hours a day. Then all of a sudden I realized this is the reason why we are born with nothing else but our body. This body inside and out is fully equipped to survive in this world. Why not use it wisely and discover those  inner strengths and talents that were in stored inside of us. For sure there is at least one that you are just about to discover. Ask yourself! Why do we feel sad? There are infinite opportunities out there.

Consider this, if you are good in writing, drawing, singing, dancing, cooking, composing, giving parenting tips, decorating, doing make up, building houses, gardening, preaching and so many many more things to do, go do it now and use it and share to the world. Use whatever resources you have. If you want to do it online like vlogging grab your camera, learn how vloggers do it and start your own channel. Things like that! Be inspired! And connect to other people you might never know needs your extra talents or knowledge so they can improve themselves as well. Let other people discover you, maybe you are the one they are looking for to get entertained, to feel happy, to acquire knowledge, who needs your service, etc. If you are a comedian come on, take your shot. Do not hide that inside of you. Let other people laugh at your jokes. We need those kind of laughter to overcome sadness. Happiness is contagious. Once you decide to start a meaningful life then you will feel like 24 hours is not even enough for day.

As for me,  instead of being lunatic for a day I looked around my house and tried to find anything useful. So, there’s my WiFi access and my laptop so I decided why not give it a try to express my thoughts thru writing and share it to the world. Now a days it’s very accessible to connect to other people thru social media and a lot have become really successful because they gave their 100% hard work. But of course there will always be people we can not please who will give negative comments and I admit that was one of my greatest fear to start blogging and maybe others feel the same way so they don’t have the courage to do it. Remember, do not allow them to discourage you. There are only few unkind people in this world. Kindness starts within us, our willingness to share our purpose to others is more important than our fear of getting negative comments. If I get 1 like on my article, it gives me thousand reasons to smile already. At least there is someone out there who appreciates my effort and that feels awesome! In this chaotic world we need that connection to fulfill our purpose in life. Contentment is an attitude we have to build before trying anything. Sometimes negative situations gives us motivation to do better next time. Do something meaningful to overcome depression, one day at a time! Things will get better eventually.

Spread your wings!

Good luck and God bless!p


My Self, My Enemy!

  • I’ve been battling depression for a long time.  But today, I felt the presence of the Lord. He heard my plea, my cried and I came to realized there’s no other way to step outside of this uncomfortable situation but to just surrender all my worries and anxieties to Him. And as I prayed he lifted my spirit.

“Lead me Lord and take me to the right path where I belong. Please use me to be a blessing to others and let me put my trust in you with all my heart, my mind and my soul. I should not worry too much coz I know you will send me an angel to help me face my battle.  Let me figure out how to use what you have equipped me, and discover what inner talents  I have. Show me your great plans and let me embrace and use my capabilities you have in stored in me the moment I was born and serve my purpose. Let me face my own fear of judgment and conquer it with my confidence. Give me the courage to respond to my calling and fulfill my duties before my time is over. Thank you Lord you have opened my eyes today and let this remind me this is your greatest blessing. I praise you Lord for all your glory…In Jesus Name, Amen!

Today is the day that the Lord has made! The moment we wake up is the only time we have given to do the things we need to do or continue what we  have not finished yesterday. Time moves forward and there is no way we can turn it back. Do not miss the chance to use the time we have, the opportunities, the privileges, the talents God has given us. Take things day by day because tomorrow is not promised. Life is too short here on earth. Maybe we feel depressed because admit it, we lost our faith or maybe we felt unloved or expected too much from people around us and or loved them but never get appreciated in return. Putting our trust in Him alone is the first thing we need to do to step out of this war zone within us. Love God first then self-love, no expectations from others…Just do what you have to do for the glory of the Lord and let’s see how amazingly things will change for the better….





Knock On Heavens Door!

If heaven is real how can we enter if given the fact we are all born sinners? Every day we can commit sin. So, when we die we can not just go up there and knock on heavens door and say pls let me in, im here! Open up! That’s not the way it is. For me  i think it’s  not even proper to say to a person when someone die and say oh it’s ok, he or she is with the Lord now. We don’t really know their fate coz we don’t have the authority to open the gate of heaven for them. Even though we know how good that person is each of us has a big or small sinful acts that we keep it as a secret until the day we die and it’s only upto us personally if we have the right to be with the Lord. I think it’s more proper to say to their loved ones when someone died, just say i know he or she was a good person, atleast at peace now and hopefully can enter and pass the gate of heaven. Our part as a human being to save a persons soul is to send them our love and forgive them if they’ve caused us trouble or hurt, not because we have the authority to send them to heaven but to atleast lighten their guilt and give us peace as well here on earth so we can start a healthy and peaceful life when they’re gone. It is so hard to move on with life if there are so much heartaches, burdens and regrets. A forgiving heart is a healthy heart. When we are at peace we feel good, we do good and we look good! And life moves on, we live, love and die!

It’s true no one else can open the gate of heaven for us but only thru Jesus Christ. He alone God has given  the authority and inheritance to forgive sins and the only one who has the key to open the gate of heaven for us. That’s why anytime we should be ready and be prepared to leave this temporary life anytime. There’s only two ways  to go after this life, up or down. Life always gives us two options, love or hate, be happy or sad, leave or stay and so on but only two destinations, heaven or hell. Remember if we go up there and stand as a stranger, if the Son don’t recognize us for sure it won’t open. How sad if our final destination is to go down instead where unbelievers and sinners are welcome without even knocking. As the Father said, if you do not know my Son then I do not know you as well. But if the Son can recognize us and our names are written in the book of life then He can open the door and let us in. Just like in our own home, we look up first who’s knocking and we don’t and never allow stangers to come in especially if we ask our children to do that. Same in heaven, as the Only Begotten Son no else is authorized to open the door  of heaven. Only believers, with purifed and renewed heart are welcome to enter.

Anyone who denies the Son doesn’t have the Father, either. But anyone who acknowledges the Son has the Father also.” ( 1John 2:23 NIV)

That’s why Our Heavenly Father sent his Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ to be Our Savior. To save souls! So, people can have the chance to enter heaven and be reunited with Our Creator. It is so impossible as a sinner to have that chance but God made it possible thru knowing Jesus who will help us along the way to our journey to eternity because God really wants us to be there. It’s only thru Jesus’s forgiveness our heart can be purified, forgiven and renewed. With a cleansed heart and soul we are now worthy to face the Heavenly Father and see Him with our own eyes. His ultimate promise for all of us is to have eternal life in his kingdom and experience the best of what we’ve never had before on earth. And Jesus was the proof that it is real. He was born, died, resurrected and reunited with the Heavenly Father. No one in history has ever replaced Him as the living proof up to this day.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today and forever!”(Hebrews 13:8 NIV)

It was written even before he was born. It was documented in the bible for the people to know this story. We live by the bible because it is true and many have testified. The bible teaches us how to live in peace, give us life lessons and how to be prepared to enter the gate of heaven.

We need Jesus every single day. To know Him is to know Our Father God.

I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one come to the Father except through me! (John 14:6 NIV)


God Is Real, He Is Not Stupid!

Recently, the issue with President Duterte calling God a stupid God of the catholics really caught my attention and I don’t want to keep silent about it because it was not totally okay and acceptable. I am not angry or mad at him but just really shocked hearing those words from a president. Even though most Filipinos are already used to his way of expressing himself in public speaking they just accept the fact that nothing will change him anyway.  I think we should not keep silent about things like this because he will keep the same misbehavior over and over. Well, although most people wouldn’t really care to react, the best we can do right now if we can’t speak our feelings about the issue is to just pray for him because it looks like he has no idea about who is really the God he was referring to. But I believed God can still change his heart if we are thoughtful enough to include him in our prayers. May the  Lord continue to bless him, as well as the rest of all the political and religious leaders in the community and the whole world. Let us pray especially those who doesn’t have faith in God. This kind of leaders probably do not seek God’s help, guidance and/or blessings for their people. And that’s not really good for the nation. So, as believers we really need to pray for everyone and be firm with our faith.

         For me, I like to write because this is my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings. Freedom of expression gives us the right to say or write everything that we want to tell the world, but that doesn’t give us the privilege to insult a living God. We have different beliefs, cultures and traditions that we have to set boundaries for respect.  So, no matter where we come from, or whatever is our position in the society or what kind of religion we practiced, let us give respect to one another how we call our God because I believed we are all praying to the same God, the Creator, the Supreme Being, God the Father, whom we all believed created the universe, heaven and earth.

      We are divided in beliefs because we personally and from our ancestors different interpretations and understandings of the story of the bible. It is really hard to understand and comprehend the teachings of the bible, but as for me as a Christian we need the help of the Holy Spirit and the guidance of our Religious leaders/mentors to understand every word. Then when you become a bible reader once you go deeper, the more you want to read and know more and more about each revelations. Every chapter has its own story and surprisingly you will discover it is really part of our history. As we say, history repeats itself. So, I think President Duterte is the Nebuchadnezzar of this age. Just kidding! But If you do not know the history of each character in the bible, it is hard to understand.

        As a Christian, I believed in the Holy Trinity! God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And I also believed  in the story of Adam and Eve. Why? It’s in the bible…

        I already know the story when I was young as well as the teachings of the evolution of man. Now that I am an adult, I came to realized which one is the truth. Would you believe you evolved from some kind of animal, an ape, a monkey or whatever? I used to, really! But the truth is, God created animals and human separately. Why do we still try to discover where humanity started?  The bible has the answer already where we came from and how everything on earth started and even how it will end in the future.

        Were you like me always trying to figure out what really came first, egg or chicken, chicken or egg? Do you still wonder up to now? But I have a clear vision now. When God made the birds, he made them so beautiful and perfect and peaceful. They have freedom, they can fly, they can go anywhere, they don’t need to plant or sow but they don’t get hungry or thirsty at all. Everything is provided. So when God made the birds He made sure it comes with the ability to lay eggs, so they can have babies and multiply so the earth will be filled with more beautiful birds.

God blessed them and said, Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the water in the seas, and let the birds increase on the earth.” (Genesis 1:22 NIV)

         So it’s clear to me now that the chicken came first that has eggs inside of it. But God is so good, He made and gave much privilege and the best of everything to human beings. Adam and Eve were made for each other carrying each eggs in their bodies that has the ability to produce humanity. Amazing!

Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” (Genesis 2:7 NIV)

           God  himself mold this dusts from the ground into a human, gave breath, life and spirit, as free as a bird. So, now there came Adam and Eve whom He made sure carries the eggs that can bear children so they can multiply to fill the earth with more beautiful human beings. And for me it is not impossible to believe that because we really  came from the eggs of our parents, right? And here we are, now part of humanity. If you still do not believe just look at yourself now how could from just an egg grow into a human, with a heart that can beat, with lungs that can breath, and all these body parts that works together as one human body. It’s awesome right? Amazing! And It’s all because of Him!

      Remember, He made not only the Earth but the whole universe to give life. Everything we need to survive are well provided. When we plant a tiny seed, with rain and sunlight from the universe, it will grow into a beautiful big tree, that can bear fruits (to give us food to eat), leaves (that gives us oxygen to breath),  body (that provides a shelter, clothing and everything) that we need for our everyday survival. So everything is well planned and planted.  The universe, heaven and earth are full of wonders and mysteries.

      So, how can we as a human question or doubt God with all His creation. Yes, I can say it’s tricky, confusing and intriguing why did He even made a forbidden fruit at all that started all of these sins and death. But that remains a mystery! Just keep in mind God has always have a perfect plan. Whatever he did or he does or will do in the future , it will always be perfect in the end. That’s what matters most .  So, why on earth we still question where we came from where in fact the answer is already given in the bible. We are His most precious and wonderful creation. So just believe it! There is more than this in heaven. And as a human our mission is to take care of this beautiful planet earth God has provided us and everything it has to offer.

      Then next all these heavenly things  will be revealed to all of us in His chosen time.  So, do not be afraid to speak up the truth and tell those people who do not believe and have faith in God that He is real and He is not stupid!

       God is good all the time, all the time God is good!

By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.” (Genesis 3:19 NIV)

Thank you for reading!

May God bless you! In Jesus name, Amen! 😇🙏


Judging vs Preaching

I know I am not the perfect person to tell you about the bible because I am just an ordinary sinful person. But just like any other priests and pastors or anyone preaching you about God, they are not perfect as well. Nobody’s perfect except Jesus Christ because He is the Son of God and He was made perfect and sinless. But any kind of preachers make mistakes and have their own sins, but we listen to them, right? Not because they are sinless or perfect, but because it is their calling, it is their profession and they have much deeper understanding about the bible. But any ordinary person like me or you can actually share about the Word of God in any way we can, because we are all God’s children. Do not be ashamed! Especially if you had this kind of awesome experience in your life… Share it to the world so others would know God is real! Yes, I have heard some people said straight to my face and on my back, oh there she goes again preaching about the bible as if she’s clean or whatever! I am not and I don’t pretend to be. I am not even asking anything from you for doing this or for encouraging you to read the bible, so don’t be bothered about my personal life or how I live. This is not about me or you, this is about sharing God’s love. I guess that is the real problem with us and that’s why we can’t connect to each other. We easily judge people by the way we think, not even knowing or acknowledging our own faults. So let’s try to change that. Listen first and then talk. We may encounter unpleasant people everyday but remember just like ourselves we are battling our own struggles. If we don’t know what it is, then just pray instead. Refrain from gossiping, spread the gospel instead.

Don’t look at my posts about bible verses as if it came from me…It’s not like that. Look at the bible verses or my sharing online as if God is talking straight to you. He is just using me to reach out to you. If I will just keep this to myself I would be afraid that God might tell me in the end, how come I didn’t share this understanding to others? So, why not. That’s why I am doing this. I am more afraid of His judgment than any one else on earth. I would appreciate who would care to listen but most of you will not for sure, for we live in a very super “busy” world now, that separates us from above and we totally forget to pray and look up that Our Father in heaven is watching over us, waiting for our attention. I know some may ignore me and think I am crazy but it’s okay. I don’t mind at all because I know now that in the end, only God can judge me for everything I have done good and bad. You may think I am not fit or worthy of this, but I won’t be bothered for as long as I live, from the time I held the bible I will do my very best to reach out to you. I will keep encouraging you to read the bible and I will share everything I know and understand. It’s such a joy sharing the good news. It’s now all up to you to give it a try or simply forget about it.

What I can tell you right now is that the ‘end time’ might be near and we have to work hard for our salvation before it’s too late.  It is written that Jesus will come again…though we don’t know, nobody knows exactly when, it could be later, tomorrow or after thousand years. But  it’s better to be ready than sorry. And with all these terrible things going  on around the world day after day, I think the signs are getting pretty obvious.

Here’s the thing I did not understand before, that whether we are still alive or already dead by the time Jesus finally returns, we (living and dead) just all have the same judgment day…”the last day.” Before, I admit I don’t care about the second coming because my thoughts were, it’s not gonna happen soon or I’m pretty sure I’m already dead by then, I am sinful and heaven is not for sinners like me. But I was very wrong…there is no escape! Everyone is a sinner but God says there is eternal life even thou we are sinners. We just need to understand what it really means. So even dead people are still waiting for the judgment day to enter eternal life, because that will only happen when Jesus finally returns.  And If there is eternal life there is eternal punishment as well. So think about it, which eternity we want to belong. I did not understand yet what salvation really means. I did not understand yet why we say Jesus is Our Savior until I opened the bible! But, I will explain and share that in my next blog…

God Bless!
“We tell you this directly from the Lord:
We who are still living when the Lord returns, will not meet him ahead of those who have died. For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a commanding shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet call of God.

First, the Christians who have died will rise from their graves. Then together with them, we who are still alive and remain on the earth will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. Then we will be with the Lord forever.”
(1 Thessalonians 4:15-17)

Reaching God Thru Wifi

I’ve always wanted to write something but i didn’t know exactly where to start. I didn’t have an exact idea or inspiration what to write. I wanted to scream  to someone what’s bothering inside of me to make me feel better.  But I was always afraid that no one would really care to know, no one would really care to listen. I knew ever since there is God. I was taught that He is real but I was never really faithful to Him. I know how to pray. I always do especially in times of troubles but that’s all I did and just wait til He answers. But what I never learned is that He could also speak to me directly and to each and every one of us as well. I just learned that when we pray it’s our way to talk to Him and reading the bible is His way of speaking to us.

One day I was alone at home and it was so quiet. I believed it was a perfect moment between me and God. I called Him and I cried out loud to Him. I told God everything that’s bothering me. I told him I want to be happy and asked Him to please at least lessen my burdens. I cannot live like this any longer. I begged Him to please change me to become better and show me the right way to live. Let me know my purpose in life. I don’t want to be miserable anymore. I know I have something special in me that I can use to fulfill my purpose in life. I just don’t really know what it is, so please Lord show me if i have it, as I prayed.

After that heart to heart talk with God I felt really good. I felt that there is someone who truly cares and loves me no matter what I am and who I am. I just couldn’t explain the feeling but I knew right then and there that He listened to me. He made me feel that  He is someone whom I can always lean upon. That I can trust Him without any single doubt and He will never leave my side. He can be my bestfriend whom I can always speak. He could hear me even if i just whisper, i don’t even need to scream or shout. I knew He could read my mind and hear my heart without saying a word.

I’ve always had a bible at home but I never really tried to open it. I don’t know if I was scared or just really didn’t mind at all. Maybe that’s one of my, or maybe other’s excuse also not reading the bible because we are so afraid we’re going to be exposed from all our sins. But it’s given, we are all sinners. Then all of a sudden,  I finally took a step to open and read the bible. I was discouraged at first because I couldn’t comprehend. I honestly couldn’t understand the words. It mentioned a lot of names and I could barely remember. So i did not continue. I told my friend I could not understand it. Where do I supposed to start? Can I skip chapters or can I just read the chapters that I want to read? How do you start this? I had a lot of questions but she just answered start with John, it’s the story of Jesus Christ.

After that something came up. Unexpected family problem occurred and I became so worried and upset again. I was at my lowest and deepest emotion. I also got very angry with someone very close to my heart because I learned that he caused trouble to one of my family. I was so mad about him that day. I would slap his face if I had the chance. But then I paused for awhile. I took a deep breath and prayed to give me strength and wisdom to know what’s the right thing to do. And  instantly He gave me the right path. While browsing and searching for this particular article online about our family issue, I was directed to this website and I opened it, I’ve read the whole article and there were bible verses. It was highlighted so I clicked it and it directed me to an online bible. As soon as I clicked that says Bible,  to my surprised it opened on John. So  I read the first chapter of John. Then i remembered my friend who told me why not start with John. Then I was really amazed that every word in that online bible was so clear to me. I understood every word, every line and thought even a child could understand it. So, I was very pleased. Then I read the next page, until I realized I’ve already finished the whole chapter of John. I also looked on you tube if there was a movie about The Book of John and I  found it. I watched it for about 3 hours. I was so touched and I caught my self crying not because I was still upset but because I found peace. I’ve heard so many good things. I had that feeling that I have never ever felt before and it was really good. So my anger just disappeared. I forgave the person I was so mad even he wasn’t asking for it yet. Everything that happened to me in the past flashed back in my memory and I realized everything I have done wrong. I realized how sinful I am and it’s now time for me to repent for all my sins and seek God for forgiveness. Then after that reflection, I knew then what to do and where to start all over again. I tell you it’s not even impossible to forgive right away if you will just put all your worries to Him. He will take care of everything. He got your back. Just trust Him with all your heart and soul that everything will be alright, and there’s nothing to feel bad about anything anymore. He will make His own perfect way to reach out to you whenever you call.

Now I am inspired. I want to write this as my personal testimony about God. It’s true that who ever seeks He will answer. I believed that He changed me now, the way I think, I act and  speak. I know I still have a lot of things to change but I just need to be more patient and obedient. I know I will get there. All my life I thought I was living a miserable life because I wasn’t happy. I was not content. I wasn’t loved. I was hurt and fooled many times. I always worry too much. I thought I failed many times even if I made plans ahead. I was desperate in every situation. But now I realized I was wrong. It was not really supposed to be like this if I just cared enough to listen and know God first. I just needed to trust Him. Now I realized  it was me who just didn’t cared. It was me who just didn’t loved at all. I was not really miserable, I was just lost. I didn’t see that life is so beautiful despite of many obstacles. I almost gave up. I was lost but now I believed I’m found. I’m glad that it’s not too late for me to turn to Him now. I realized that our life here on Earth is just all about loving Him or hating Him. Do whatever that pleases Him not our own selves. It’s hard though. But Love is all about God and God is pure Love. If you’re hoping for a true love to come to you, you should love God first. Know Him first and if everyone should just believe and follow Him we will have a perfect life. But I know it’s not like that. The only reality is He can always lift us up when we’re down. He can always change us and lead us to a better place if we just asks. God is so powerful! So we have to be careful what we speak, and how we think because God is real! He is there! He listens whenever we want to talk to Him. But  what about Him? Let God talk to us as well. Let us listen to Him as well. He never said anything that will bring us in trouble. I know it’s not very easy to follow His Commandments. It is inevitable not to sin. We are all sinners! But God just wants us to acknowledge our sins and asks for forgiveness and proclaim He is our Almighty God  thru Jesus Christ so we can have eternal life after death.

I want to thank Him that He gave me this chance to know Him more. I am glad I am still alive and breathing. I am happy now that I still have time to get to know Him better. And I pray that I may enter the gates of heaven when I die, as well as all my family and friends. Just remember we will all die with nothing but faith. We will leave every little thing we have on earth, no money, no material things that we can bring when we die, not even our body just soul. We must do our best to live a decent life on earth but everything we have here is nothing compared to the heavens above. If you believe in God and Jesus Christ  you must believe there is heaven. We just have to make sure that our souls and our loved ones will all go to heaven so we can all meet there again when the final judgement day comes and live an eternal life  with God as He promised. We can only understand His words when we start reading the bible. You really have to have a personal interaction with Him. I really encourage you to read the bible. I can also pray for you if you want but you have to let Him come into your heart directly so you will have enlightenment as well.

Now I don’t just start my day with a prayer but I also read the bible. You may start with one page a day or one chapter a day or week. It doesn’t matter as long as you commit yourself.  I don’t really have to tell you everything about this. I’m pretty sure you will be enlightened too once you start. Don’t be afraid. I was also afraid. I was guilty! I was scared!But I’d rather be saved than scared. “No time” is not a valid excused for not reading the bible. We all have the same 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I know we will all  feel guilty about our sins from reading the bible. But that’s exactly the purpose! Because as long as we pretend to be blind by our sins and do not be with Christ we can not be saved.

So why not start your own journey as well. Do it now, not later! It could be too late for you. There are free bible apps online that you can download on your phones or tablets! You can press the audio button if you don’t really want to read and just stick your headphones and listen while laying down, sitting or exercising or you can also watch it online. There are lot of bible movies online and it’s free. Watch it with your family.  There are a lot of resources now. It’s very accessible, anywhere, anytime you want. Even God’s way is hi-tech nowadays. You can reach God and Heaven thru wi-fi.  Well, you can not really understand me if you don’t experience it yourself. I know I just started and  still have so much to learn. I just can’t contain my happiness now and I want you to feel the same way. This is where true happiness and peace comes from. I just hope and pray that whoever reads this may also experience God in such a way you have never expected. May you also feel the love of Jesus that you never thought ever existed.

Pray! Read the Bible! All your questions in life will be answered.  You will gain wisdom. And of course don’t forget to share your awesome experience.

Spread the word of God!

Proclaim His glory thru Jesus Christ our Lord!

God bless you!

“I am leaving you with a gift-peace of my heart. And the peace I give you is a gift that the world can not give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” John 14:27