24 Hours Only

  • Depression is a very sensitive topic. So many reasons why people get depressed. There are financial reasons, personal relationships, environmental factors, health conditions, family issues, work disappointments and many failures and so on and so forth. But I can only speak for myself how I am battling with my depression right now and hoping I can inspire someone.

Having faith in God was my greatest source of strength. Believing that He made me with a purpose on a certain time only was my wake up call. Just looking at myself from head to toe I should feel blessed already because every part of my body are still functioning well. So, I stopped overthinking. I took a deep breath and asked myself what part of this body is most beneficial for me to fulfill my duties as a human being if I have given only 24 hours a day. Then all of a sudden I realized this is the reason why we are born with nothing else but our body. This body inside and out is fully equipped to survive in this world. Why not use it wisely and discover those  inner strengths and talents that were in stored inside of us. For sure there is at least one that you are just about to discover. Ask yourself! Why do we feel sad? There are infinite opportunities out there.

Consider this, if you are good in writing, drawing, singing, dancing, cooking, composing, giving parenting tips, decorating, doing make up, building houses, gardening, preaching and so many many more things to do, go do it now and use it and share to the world. Use whatever resources you have. If you want to do it online like vlogging grab your camera, learn how vloggers do it and start your own channel. Things like that! Be inspired! And connect to other people you might never know needs your extra talents or knowledge so they can improve themselves as well. Let other people discover you, maybe you are the one they are looking for to get entertained, to feel happy, to acquire knowledge, who needs your service, etc. If you are a comedian come on, take your shot. Do not hide that inside of you. Let other people laugh at your jokes. We need those kind of laughter to overcome sadness. Happiness is contagious. Once you decide to start a meaningful life then you will feel like 24 hours is not even enough for day.

As for me,  instead of being lunatic for a day I looked around my house and tried to find anything useful. So, there’s my WiFi access and my laptop so I decided why not give it a try to express my thoughts thru writing and share it to the world. Now a days it’s very accessible to connect to other people thru social media and a lot have become really successful because they gave their 100% hard work. But of course there will always be people we can not please who will give negative comments and I admit that was one of my greatest fear to start blogging and maybe others feel the same way so they don’t have the courage to do it. Remember, do not allow them to discourage you. There are only few unkind people in this world. Kindness starts within us, our willingness to share our purpose to others is more important than our fear of getting negative comments. If I get 1 like on my article, it gives me thousand reasons to smile already. At least there is someone out there who appreciates my effort and that feels awesome! In this chaotic world we need that connection to fulfill our purpose in life. Contentment is an attitude we have to build before trying anything. Sometimes negative situations gives us motivation to do better next time. Do something meaningful to overcome depression, one day at a time! Things will get better eventually.

Spread your wings!

Good luck and God bless!p