Reaching God Thru Wifi

I’ve always wanted to write something but i didn’t know exactly where to start. I didn’t have an exact idea or inspiration what to write. I wanted to scream  to someone what’s bothering inside of me to make me feel better.  But I was always afraid that no one would really care to know, no one would really care to listen. I knew ever since there is God. I was taught that He is real but I was never really faithful to Him. I know how to pray. I always do especially in times of troubles but that’s all I did and just wait til He answers. But what I never learned is that He could also speak to me directly and to each and every one of us as well. I just learned that when we pray it’s our way to talk to Him and reading the bible is His way of speaking to us.

One day I was alone at home and it was so quiet. I believed it was a perfect moment between me and God. I called Him and I cried out loud to Him. I told God everything that’s bothering me. I told him I want to be happy and asked Him to please at least lessen my burdens. I cannot live like this any longer. I begged Him to please change me to become better and show me the right way to live. Let me know my purpose in life. I don’t want to be miserable anymore. I know I have something special in me that I can use to fulfill my purpose in life. I just don’t really know what it is, so please Lord show me if i have it, as I prayed.

After that heart to heart talk with God I felt really good. I felt that there is someone who truly cares and loves me no matter what I am and who I am. I just couldn’t explain the feeling but I knew right then and there that He listened to me. He made me feel that  He is someone whom I can always lean upon. That I can trust Him without any single doubt and He will never leave my side. He can be my bestfriend whom I can always speak. He could hear me even if i just whisper, i don’t even need to scream or shout. I knew He could read my mind and hear my heart without saying a word.

I’ve always had a bible at home but I never really tried to open it. I don’t know if I was scared or just really didn’t mind at all. Maybe that’s one of my, or maybe other’s excuse also not reading the bible because we are so afraid we’re going to be exposed from all our sins. But it’s given, we are all sinners. Then all of a sudden,  I finally took a step to open and read the bible. I was discouraged at first because I couldn’t comprehend. I honestly couldn’t understand the words. It mentioned a lot of names and I could barely remember. So i did not continue. I told my friend I could not understand it. Where do I supposed to start? Can I skip chapters or can I just read the chapters that I want to read? How do you start this? I had a lot of questions but she just answered start with John, it’s the story of Jesus Christ.

After that something came up. Unexpected family problem occurred and I became so worried and upset again. I was at my lowest and deepest emotion. I also got very angry with someone very close to my heart because I learned that he caused trouble to one of my family. I was so mad about him that day. I would slap his face if I had the chance. But then I paused for awhile. I took a deep breath and prayed to give me strength and wisdom to know what’s the right thing to do. And  instantly He gave me the right path. While browsing and searching for this particular article online about our family issue, I was directed to this website and I opened it, I’ve read the whole article and there were bible verses. It was highlighted so I clicked it and it directed me to an online bible. As soon as I clicked that says Bible,  to my surprised it opened on John. So  I read the first chapter of John. Then i remembered my friend who told me why not start with John. Then I was really amazed that every word in that online bible was so clear to me. I understood every word, every line and thought even a child could understand it. So, I was very pleased. Then I read the next page, until I realized I’ve already finished the whole chapter of John. I also looked on you tube if there was a movie about The Book of John and I  found it. I watched it for about 3 hours. I was so touched and I caught my self crying not because I was still upset but because I found peace. I’ve heard so many good things. I had that feeling that I have never ever felt before and it was really good. So my anger just disappeared. I forgave the person I was so mad even he wasn’t asking for it yet. Everything that happened to me in the past flashed back in my memory and I realized everything I have done wrong. I realized how sinful I am and it’s now time for me to repent for all my sins and seek God for forgiveness. Then after that reflection, I knew then what to do and where to start all over again. I tell you it’s not even impossible to forgive right away if you will just put all your worries to Him. He will take care of everything. He got your back. Just trust Him with all your heart and soul that everything will be alright, and there’s nothing to feel bad about anything anymore. He will make His own perfect way to reach out to you whenever you call.

Now I am inspired. I want to write this as my personal testimony about God. It’s true that who ever seeks He will answer. I believed that He changed me now, the way I think, I act and  speak. I know I still have a lot of things to change but I just need to be more patient and obedient. I know I will get there. All my life I thought I was living a miserable life because I wasn’t happy. I was not content. I wasn’t loved. I was hurt and fooled many times. I always worry too much. I thought I failed many times even if I made plans ahead. I was desperate in every situation. But now I realized I was wrong. It was not really supposed to be like this if I just cared enough to listen and know God first. I just needed to trust Him. Now I realized  it was me who just didn’t cared. It was me who just didn’t loved at all. I was not really miserable, I was just lost. I didn’t see that life is so beautiful despite of many obstacles. I almost gave up. I was lost but now I believed I’m found. I’m glad that it’s not too late for me to turn to Him now. I realized that our life here on Earth is just all about loving Him or hating Him. Do whatever that pleases Him not our own selves. It’s hard though. But Love is all about God and God is pure Love. If you’re hoping for a true love to come to you, you should love God first. Know Him first and if everyone should just believe and follow Him we will have a perfect life. But I know it’s not like that. The only reality is He can always lift us up when we’re down. He can always change us and lead us to a better place if we just asks. God is so powerful! So we have to be careful what we speak, and how we think because God is real! He is there! He listens whenever we want to talk to Him. But  what about Him? Let God talk to us as well. Let us listen to Him as well. He never said anything that will bring us in trouble. I know it’s not very easy to follow His Commandments. It is inevitable not to sin. We are all sinners! But God just wants us to acknowledge our sins and asks for forgiveness and proclaim He is our Almighty God  thru Jesus Christ so we can have eternal life after death.

I want to thank Him that He gave me this chance to know Him more. I am glad I am still alive and breathing. I am happy now that I still have time to get to know Him better. And I pray that I may enter the gates of heaven when I die, as well as all my family and friends. Just remember we will all die with nothing but faith. We will leave every little thing we have on earth, no money, no material things that we can bring when we die, not even our body just soul. We must do our best to live a decent life on earth but everything we have here is nothing compared to the heavens above. If you believe in God and Jesus Christ  you must believe there is heaven. We just have to make sure that our souls and our loved ones will all go to heaven so we can all meet there again when the final judgement day comes and live an eternal life  with God as He promised. We can only understand His words when we start reading the bible. You really have to have a personal interaction with Him. I really encourage you to read the bible. I can also pray for you if you want but you have to let Him come into your heart directly so you will have enlightenment as well.

Now I don’t just start my day with a prayer but I also read the bible. You may start with one page a day or one chapter a day or week. It doesn’t matter as long as you commit yourself.  I don’t really have to tell you everything about this. I’m pretty sure you will be enlightened too once you start. Don’t be afraid. I was also afraid. I was guilty! I was scared!But I’d rather be saved than scared. “No time” is not a valid excused for not reading the bible. We all have the same 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I know we will all  feel guilty about our sins from reading the bible. But that’s exactly the purpose! Because as long as we pretend to be blind by our sins and do not be with Christ we can not be saved.

So why not start your own journey as well. Do it now, not later! It could be too late for you. There are free bible apps online that you can download on your phones or tablets! You can press the audio button if you don’t really want to read and just stick your headphones and listen while laying down, sitting or exercising or you can also watch it online. There are lot of bible movies online and it’s free. Watch it with your family.  There are a lot of resources now. It’s very accessible, anywhere, anytime you want. Even God’s way is hi-tech nowadays. You can reach God and Heaven thru wi-fi.  Well, you can not really understand me if you don’t experience it yourself. I know I just started and  still have so much to learn. I just can’t contain my happiness now and I want you to feel the same way. This is where true happiness and peace comes from. I just hope and pray that whoever reads this may also experience God in such a way you have never expected. May you also feel the love of Jesus that you never thought ever existed.

Pray! Read the Bible! All your questions in life will be answered.  You will gain wisdom. And of course don’t forget to share your awesome experience.

Spread the word of God!

Proclaim His glory thru Jesus Christ our Lord!

God bless you!

“I am leaving you with a gift-peace of my heart. And the peace I give you is a gift that the world can not give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” John 14:27







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